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Tiff Reverse DLL

Tiff Reverse DLL

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Please read: The trial version will only create a new document with a maximum of 10 pages.

The trial version for Tiff Reverse DLL works exactly the same as the registered version except the trial version will only reverse 10 pages. For instance, if you have a document that has 30 pages, the trial will create a new document containing 10 pages starting in reverse order from page 30. This is not an error, it is simply so you can try out the reverse feature and get it working in your program. The full version has no such limitation and can reverse a document well over 500,000 pages.

No time limit exists for the trial version.

Pricing for the Tiff Reverse DLL is as follows:

  • Single User License: $95.00 (US Dollars) each
  • Multiple User License (2-50 users): $85.00 (US Dollars) each
  • Multiple User License (51-100 users): $75.00 (US Dollars) each
  • Mulitple User LIcense (101+ users): $65.00 (US Dollars) each

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